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Hi, my name is Gavin Lloyd Wilson and I am currently living in Pembrokeshire in Wales. I would never claim to be the world's greatest guitarist but I am passionate about the instrument. Back in the earlier years of this blog I spent more  time writing about guitars than actually playing them, but these days that situation has very much reversed.

I have played in several bands, especially since living in Wales. As wel as my personal project, Spurious Transients (about which there is more below), I have played guitar, bass and Bass VI with The Spookers and for a few dates in 2014 I was asked to join renowned Welsh psychedelic/space-rock band Sendelica as occasional stand-in bassist (i.e. for those gigs when their regular bassist wasn't available). I also appeared on Sendelica's Live At Crabstock album, playing rhythm guitar on "(The Return Of The) Maggot Brain". Additionally I have played bass with an offshoot of the main band, The Sendelica Drone Band.

I have dabbled in recording on and off throughout the past 30 years or so. Recording as Spurious Transients and drafting in various friends and fellow musicians to assist, In 2014 I released my first proper album, influenced by krautrock, the avant garde, and the Welsh countryside in which I live, and entitled Portraits Of A Landscape (available to buy as a CD or download here). In 2016 I put together a live band for a couple of Spurious Transients gigs, and ending up with a 7-piece. The version of the band went into the studio to record a psychedelic-jazz piece called "Planet Cantaloupe" released as part of an EP on 7" vinyl record and CD.

Since 2017, I have been bassist with Red & The Hogweeds, a musical combo from Cardigan in South West Wales playing mainly original compositions, a lively, anarchic and danceable mix of punk, pop, rock'n'roll, reggae and blues. There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you are curious enough! We also have CDs and downloads available. (There were some limited edition lathe-cut vinyl records too, but they have long since been sold).

I am also the author of the book 500 Guitars as published by Chartwell Books in 2010. It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. I really thought that there would be photographs for each and every guitar listed. Also, correct photographs!

You can email me with ideas for the blog, photos of your own interesting guitars (no off-the-shelf common or garden Strats, Les Pauls, etc, please), plus strange eBay finds, or general questions at

Please note that I am available for copy editing, proofreading, editorial, writing work, etc.

G L Wilson

Current favourite guitars and basses:
I do have others, which - rightly or wrongly - are less frequently used.


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