Friday, 4 April 2003

Buying and Selling

I've just bought another guitar on eBay and at a very good price. This is one that I've been on the lookout for - a Danelectro Convertible.

My house is getting over-run with guitars now. I suppose I ought to start selling those that I no longer use.

So, with that in mind, these guitars will be up for grabs soon:

Aria Elecord FET Deluxe
Aria Elecord FET Deluxe
  • Aria Elecord FET Deluxe - This is a nice electro-acoustic with active electronics, volume and 3-band EQ mounted on side of guitar and powered by a PP3 battery. The guitar is in very good condition with hardly a mark on it. Plays very nicely, and is excellent for recording. The neck has quite an "electric" feel to it and would suit guitarists not used to the feel of acoustic instruments. This is a quality instrument and when new would have costed over £500. I'm looking for offers in the region of £200-£250. Hardcase included.

Tele thing
1970s Telecaster copy
  • 1970s Telecaster copy - This is a rather retro-looking Telecaster copy dating from - I think - the 1970s. The name badge was removed long before the guitar came into my possession so I don't know what make it is, although I have a suspicion that it may be a Shergold. It is not a very accurate Telecaster copy but don't let that put you off, because it is a good solid guitar that plays well and feels good. Both pickups have metal covers and the sound is quite retro - would be very good for blues playing, or perhaps slide if you raised the action. Despite having a thinner than usual body, the guitar is solid wood (I know, I had a look inside) and not made of MDF or plywood or something nasty like many modern-day cheapo Telecasters. The jack output is, rather unusually, mounted on the control plate on the front of the guitar, but this is no problem to non-purists. The machine heads are of the enclosed back variety and all work efficiently. I would like to sell this guitar for about £70 or thereabouts.
I am also considering selling the Frankenstrat (see below) if anyone is interested in a Stratocaster that has been built from bits and pieces as opposed to buying a new Squier or Stagg (or whatever) copy. At least mine has a solid wooden body!

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