Saturday, 29 December 2012

1957 Ibanez Hi-Tone early Japanese solid body

This 1957 Ibanez Hi-Tone is a collector's dream (if its eBay seller is right about it - I couldn't find any other information source). One of the first Ibanez ever built, it also has an original though very simple design, and quite special hardware with a compensated bridge and a stoptail that I'm surprised didn't become a standard (must have a flaw, though I cannot guess what) -  and it has a maple body.

Thanks to David for sending a link to this guitar! 

Bertram D

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  1. Beautiful Design. Simple and elegant.

  2. I have seen this model branded as "Guyatone". It's funny how it looks almost prehistoric compared with American guitars from the same era.

  3. ok, I love that tailpiece. MUST. COPY. IMMEDIATELY. Where's Bertram?

    1. well, I could do something like this by hand with a piece of aluminium and a roundheaded hammer... :-)

  4. The "flaw" would probably be that if you're a bit of a butterfingers like me, it would be hard to keep the ball ends of the strings in place while you restring it. I've got a similar tailpiece on my Kay and it drives me up the wall. Awesome guitar though, I particularly like the chunky bridge!

  5. Looks like the bridge isn't in the right position, so set up definitely. Price doesn't seem outrageous (yet). Includes OHSC, which is pretty unusual.



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