Saturday, 29 December 2012

1957 Ibanez Hi-Tone early Japanese solid body

This 1957 Ibanez Hi-Tone is a collector's dream (if its eBay seller is right about it - I couldn't find any other information source). One of the first Ibanez ever built, it also has an original though very simple design, and quite special hardware with a compensated bridge and a stoptail that I'm surprised didn't become a standard (must have a flaw, though I cannot guess what) -  and it has a maple body.

Thanks to David for sending a link to this guitar! 

Bertram D

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  1. Beautiful Design. Simple and elegant.

  2. I have seen this model branded as "Guyatone". It's funny how it looks almost prehistoric compared with American guitars from the same era.

  3. ok, I love that tailpiece. MUST. COPY. IMMEDIATELY. Where's Bertram?

    1. well, I could do something like this by hand with a piece of aluminium and a roundheaded hammer... :-)

  4. The "flaw" would probably be that if you're a bit of a butterfingers like me, it would be hard to keep the ball ends of the strings in place while you restring it. I've got a similar tailpiece on my Kay and it drives me up the wall. Awesome guitar though, I particularly like the chunky bridge!

  5. Looks like the bridge isn't in the right position, so set up definitely. Price doesn't seem outrageous (yet). Includes OHSC, which is pretty unusual.

  6. I actually have one its a special peice and it plays wellall i did was clean the volume and tone pods, and put new quality wireing.Its really cool i took the pickgaurd off and the finish was bright as the sun this guitar is fully functional if you're interested

  7. Yes its a gem and I'd be willing to bet there's not very many out there. I happen to be a proud owner of one of these gems myself I found it in a garage a friend of mine lived in he said he found it in a dumpster in Beaverton Oregon I wondered about four and a half years maybe five and a half when I first got it I couldn't find any information on it what a find I paid less than $100 for it I can tell by looking at the woodwork that it was worth well more than that wow any offers

  8. I have a 1957 Ibanez High tone in excellent shape I can't believe I scored this thing I bought it Dirt Cheap the guy didn't know what he had neither did I I need to find out if there's people interested in this and I also need to find out how to get it authenticated or appraised if you can help me email me at

  9. I've got one and everything is there
    Haven't done anything to it,other than put a 3/4 jack and
    On it rewired it because it was so bad and scratchy you couldn't play
    The thing otherwise I wiped it down with a wet rag and looking for the right offer thanks

  10. This is not Ibanez. It's made BY Guyatone.
    Ibanez products say Ibanez on them.

  11. This is a Guyatone LG-40. Nothing to do with Ibanez ;)



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