Monday, 10 December 2012

Alvarez Dana Scoop Nashville, Telecaster-inspired guitar with extreme cutaway
We've looked at these mid-1990s Alvarez Dana Scoop guitars before (here and here) but the guitar featured in this eBay auction is the first that I have seen of the less common Telecaster-inspired Nashville model.

Made in Korea, the guitar features Alvarez's own "designed by EMG" passive pickups and is finished in a very fetching translucent blonde that to my eyes is reminiscent of a Fender Mary Kaye finish. Note that the scoop cutaway is not quite as radical as on the other guitars in the Scoop range and only extends beneath four strings as opposed to all six.

This guitar is curently listed on eBay with a start bid of $499.99 and a Buy It Now price of $599.99, but note that the auction finishes later on today (in 14 hours time at the time of writing).

G L Wilson

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  1. Not a lot of wood holding that neck on. Truss rod adjustment could be problematic.



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