Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ovation Breadwinner Limited - the one and only!

Yes, I know you've seen an Ovation Breadwinner Limited on Guitarz already (here and here - there's everything you need to know on these previous posts), but come on, who can stop contemplating this marvel? 

I'm very in love with this guitar, as I am with its older sister the Breadwinner that I have the honor and pleasure to possess since 20 years - I still feel lucky to have had the opportunity to buy it as a young guitarist and use it on stage as my main guitar for many years!

And it's only after GL Wilson invited me to write for his blog that we figured out that we were both Breadwinner cultists, and we knew we would get along!

OK, enough blah-blah, kneel down and adore!

Bertram D

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  1. Anything one has for 20+ years, must be there for a reason, no? Wish more guitars had the bridge ensconcement. A clean bridge is a HAPPY bridge!

    But am I missing something here? Can't seem to recall seeing your Breadwinner in any of the Angel Meat vid's available online? Or does the finish contrast w/ your model/performer's inner thighs? Not that I'm the kind of guy that notices that type of thing?

  2. you're right, the Breadwinner is not currently in action, I had just 2 guitars for two decades then I decided to have a new guitar for each new project - I'm modifying a Dean V for the next one... but I'm about to record songs demos and the Breadwinner will go to work again...

    1. It will be good to see it back in the fight! Noticed on "Rig Review" which Premier Guitar puts out where they interview player's technicians, Jimmie Vaughan only brings (2) MIM Strats on the road with him! One of the comments was this must be the easiest tech job in the world! It says a lot about focusing more on the music itself vice lavishing one's self in collectibles.

      Even though I'm in the process of re-fretting one of my Strats, it's really come time to get back to the music and stop obsessing over 'gear'. I think I'm DONE cruising damned "Youtube" to glean a few notes I was too lazy to transcribe and start taking this seriously again. I'll opt to view being able to re-fret as a party to that quest. Most guitars ( due to shops INSANE pricing ) are never/seldom if EVER re-fretted and then become relics. Like pictures of old GF's. I'm determined not to become another collector w/ stacks of unplayable LUMBER lying about! If you want a 'conversation piece' go to an ART gallery!



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