Monday, 31 December 2012

Teisco, Guyatone, Maestro, etc...

A couple of days ago I posted about  a 1957 Ibanez Hi-Tone guitar, about which I knew almost nothing. I inquired since, with a little help from our readers, and though I don't know much more about the Ibanez (but that the model should be a EG-1580), I found many guitars that are very similar (with different headstocks, pickguards, control plates, bridges, stoptails, cutaways, one or two pickups, in bridge or neck position, different woods, etc...)  - if not identical - under various brands: on top is a Teisco, on the right is a Guyatone LG 50 H, down are a Maestro LG 50 and a Guyatone LG 40

There were also Star and Antoria models, and I also found out that there's been a vintage Japanese Hi-Tone brand... So this is another  complex cross-branding story for a cool guitar!

And let me wish you all a happy new year for 2013! 

Bertram D

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  1. While drifting around on the Burns website, I noticed that they appear to coming out with a new version of a guitar very similar to these ones:

  2. Hello! That Hi-Tone was made by Guyatone for Ibanez...sort of a contract to a subcontract kind of deal.
    I have a hobby site for guyatone at and soon will be working as the distributor for the company as well in the US.
    I actually discovered that Burns copy as well and brought it to the attention of Guyatone. It is a complete copy of their original design and there will soon be a meeting regarding their unauthorized use.

  3. The first guitar seems Teisco TG-54 (1954, gold finish), the first model of Teisco, along with TN-54 (1954, natural finish). You can see another TG-54 exhibited at Yamaguchi Music Store in Yokosuka, Japan, and TN-54 could be found on a blog page.

    And as you know, the second & third guitars are Ibanez/Star EG-1580 (OEM of Guyatone LG-50), and forth guitar is Ibanez/Star EG-1590 (OEM of Guyatone LG-40), respectively.



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