Sunday, 16 December 2012

Egmond Manhattan

You can easily recognize here an Egmond guitar with its white plastic block comprising the neck pickup and a slanted pickguard ending in a control plate under which all the electronics are. This system could turn any guitar into an electric one - either hollow or solid body. 

Even knowing that this early 1960s Manhattan model was a cheapo (and concretely this means no truss rod), its minimalist design is quite cool and this model with very pop Lake Placid blue finish is in good condition.

Bertram D

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  1. Looks cool but I'd hate to try to play it. The intonation is probably dubious at best.

  2. That wrap-over trapeze bridge is virtually identical to the one fitted to very early Les Pauls and ES-295s. I wonder if it was a deliberate copy.



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