Saturday, 1 December 2012

refinished Musima Eterna

This is not the first time we see a Musima Eterna on Guitarz since I even presented my own here a few years ago, but this version roughly refinished in blue (usually Musima models are black and Migmas are perloid red) with a replacement wooden pickguard allows to see how well designed this guitar is - it's not just some eccentric East-German guitar interesting for its mere oddity... 

OK, the sound is a little bit raw and the neck is very thick so don't expect to shred on it but it's the perfect garage guitar - it makes me think that I don't play enough on mine (but I never play enough on none of my guitars!)

Bertram D

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  1. As Used by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Crap, I name dropped AGAIN didn't I?

    But there is a point to my Name Dropping. As you can see here the model is definately an eterna, but has 3 Added pickup switches, Two Knobs next to the pickups (and another 2 switches above and below them) and only has 3 lower knobs. So my question is this, how on EARTH did all that switching work!?

    I can only Presume that it had a lead circut like a jazz/jaguar, but beyond that, dear god why.

    Still, I want one.

    1. well, I seldom touch the switches on a guitar once I pickep my favorite sound on it (if you want a new sound, take a new guitar, that's what I say) so once I found the huge bassy sound unique to the Eterna, I lacked curiosity about the wiring to be honest - I shouldn't do that...

    2. BTW, thanks for pointing me at the SY website that allowed me to learn that an Eterna was used on Free Kittens albums - one of my favorite band ever... ;-)



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