Monday, 24 December 2012

Teuffel Tesla: Perfection on Earth

I feel all holiday-ish so I decided to make myself the gifts of posting about my favorite guitars, even if they've been showed already, as it is the case for the magnificent Teuffel Tesla (here and here, with all the information you need). 

To me, this guitar has one of the best design ever, superior to many classics and standards... The first time I saw it, I was suffocated, and I was more when I checked the price - it's a very limited hand-made model, the kind you can never have... One could copy the outline, but it will never be the same, it has so many carefully designed, conceived and manufactured details!

Anyway, I'll never play good enough to deserve to put my fingers on its fretboard, so I'll just go and make some brutal noise on my Musima!

Bertram D

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  1. May be a musician's guitar but it has zero sex appeal

  2. Take me to your leader.....

  3. Yeah, it's a cool guitar. But it's got its problems: limited thumb-wrapping possibilities (you can't put your thumb over the neck), and insufficient area to rest the forearm, not to mention that the backside is butt-ugly.

    I've thought about building something similar. I would offset the two halves, moving the upper half back a few inches, thereby taking care of the problems mentioned above. I actually drew it out, but wasn't blown away by it. That design, while not perfect, is aesthetically very pleasing, and would be hard to top.



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