Friday, 14 December 2012

Herrnsdorf futuristic marvel

I should definitely not show this Herrnsdorf guitar but keep it secret and buy it for myself as a reward for all the time and energy I've spent here sharing and celebrating our electric idol... But it's just not the right time so I'll just spill it: this guitar is an ultimate collector dream!

Herrnsdorf was a DDR Markneukirchen brand even more eccentric and radical than the average as you can see, that also released the Rellog Gitona pickups. This design is just amazing, there should really have a brand that revives these DDR beauties before they fall into oblivion or disappear the vaults of collectors! 

Bertram D

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  1. It looks like a giant thumb's up. Reminds me of one of those giant foam hands that they sell at American baseball games.

  2. It also looks like some 60's kitchen furniture top turned into a guitar. Nice find anyway! What is the white thing on the right? jack socket or more probably din?

  3. How to design a guitar using only a ruler. Also note the interesting fret marker arrangement. 3 dots on the 7th and 2 on the 19th.
    I would love this but have to waste my money on christmas presents rather than guitars right now! Well spotted.

  4. The pickups look crudernhell and there are a few too many extra holes for my tastes. But overall, an oddly attractive guitar. The case looks extra-comfy, if you have a cat.

  5. pickups are famous Rellog Gitona, that you could also purchase to electrify acoustic guitars and had quite a reputation.



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