Friday, 28 December 2012

1966 Mosrite Gospel Mark-I - Model 600

When I think Mosrite I think mostly about the iconic double cutaway solid body with a longer lower horn, a slanted neck pickup and a German carve, but though this Gospel semi-hollow is more classic, it still has the special hardware of its more famous sibling that contributes to the Mosrite uniqueness - also the classy headstock... 

The 'antigua' finish is most unusual for a Gospel and makes this guitar probably a one-off. I love the shape of the scratchplate, it really improves the otherwise quite dull outline of the ES-335 template. 

Bertram D

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  1. Hi, I thought you would be interested in this:



  2. "I love the shape of the scratchplate,"

    Here's what I appreciate about that design feature: It's everywhere you'd need it ( and nowhere you don't! ) Over-sized sp's generally lead me to believe, what were they hiding? But more importantly, tended to portray even a skilled player as a hack.

    The double, and triple dots are a sight for sore eyes.

  3. Wouldn't mind getting a few appraisals on this one? Seller claims it's a '63 Philippine knock off of a Fender Jazzmaster and having seen a few in the past, no reason to doubt him. Shops right outside the main gate of the bases had row upon row of these and I even recall a Hendrix knock-off inventively dubbed the "Purple Haze Edition"!

    The seller also claims "they're becoming quite collectible", but I wouldn't think there'd be much of a market for these. If it plays well, it was the only one. They were made primarily as souvenirs. At $800 U.S? Curious to get other's input. TIA

    1. jaguar/jazzmaster inspired so many luthiers in Europe that a mere copy isn't so interesting, even philippina, is it?



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