Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tokai Talbo B-135 Bass Guitar

The seller of this great looking bass must be among the coolest Ebayers out there. Nothing seems to excite him. Not even the prospect of getting a pile of cash for this first class instrument. This guitar really deserves selling up, I think.

To me, this a superb contemporary instrument. It absolutely looks the business, from it's smooth metallic surfaces to its roundy/spiky contours, to it's individual string pickups. I can imagine thumping those strings and it sounding like slamming the lid on a grand piano. Wow! This Tokai Talbo Bass just oozes class!

The Talbo Blazing Fire, to give it it’s full name, was made from the same aluminium alloy (AC-4B) that racing car engines were made of and were first produced in early 1982 but the B-135 bass wasn’t introduced until 2000.

The long, 24 fret, neck and that stretched top horn combine to create a very elegant looking instrument.

One of the quirks of the guitar is that the neck angle adjustment is achieved by a hex nut on the side of the neck at the 20th fret. The, however, bass seems to use the more common, heel adjustment, accessed through a hole in the pickguard, which seems pretty archaic these days.

According to Wikipedia:
The Talbo Bass featured a stylised aluminium body (which featured internal cavities), and the TB-8AL circular pickup. Combining active circuitry with the metallic body, Tokai claimed that the sound was both unique and versatile.
The seller says nothing about this beautiful instrument beyond listing its spec as follows:
Tokai Talbo B-135 Bass Guitar.
Body: Cast Aluminium Alloy AC-4B
Finish: Nickel plated
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood 400R
Scale length: 34" - Long Scale, 24 frets.
String spacing at bridge: 19mm between string centres
String spacing at nut: 30mm E-G
Weight: 4.6kg
Single TB-8AL pickup with active volume, bass and treble controls
Wilkinson WBG-4 bridge

David in Barcelona

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  1. Stunning instrument!

  2. Why does the name Ultraman come to mind?

  3. Japanese design at its best; you could easily imagine this one in a manga or on a Hatsune Miku show!And,as design is not everything,as the raven of Jean de La Fontaine, if its voice equals its look, it is very close to perfection.



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