Wednesday, 19 December 2012

1962 Italian-made Crucianelli Elite 40-V blue sparkle
Adrián writes:
This weekend I ended up at some guy's house in Galicia (Spain), and I took photos of what I found.

Apparently it's a 62' Élite, with 4 humbuckers. The pickup selector stands for none, bass, middle, bass+treble, treble and all. Very thin body, with a flashy finish all through the neck and the large headstock. The bridge was modified on repairs, it used to have a tremolo.

The photos are bad quality, but I thought you would like to see it anyway. We plugged it in and sounded amazing, the pickups are in perfect condition.

I don't think this guy is going to put it on sale, since is a family heritage. He also had a 12 string Eko I couldn't get to see...

Hope you like it! Keep up with the blog, it's amazing!


Hi, thanks for sharing. But surely those pickups are singlecoils rather than humbuckers? Possibly they can be grouped together into humbucking mode? I notice also that the tuners have been replaced for a set intended for (or taken from) a guitar with a 3+3 headstock arrangement. Anyway, you can read a little more about this guitar and similar models over at Fetish Guitars.

G L Wilson

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  1. Wow, fantastic! This may have had a B&T setting but I'm willing to bet in '62 this little beauty would have scored you some major T&A.

    Curious to get others feedback but in a rare creative fit, I scalloped the maple fingerboard on my Partscaster. Surprisingly it went off flawlessly! You could say it's a Blackmore version, starting gradually at the 7th w/ min. depth, full at the 12th and deep 15-21.

    Did it in a single day, including sanding the poly finish RIGHT back off and going w/ a natural wax instead. Even though my tendency is toward a heavy hand, I was able to adjust in only a few days. If you've considered it in the past but were petrified you'd bodger it, I'm telling you, w/ hand tools, you CAN'T. You'll need a rest long before you can cut too deep and have plenty of time for 'sculpting'. As the least skilled of Gavin's readers.., if 'I' can do it..?

  2. Here's G. Love on his blue sparkled Crucianelli, which he used on 10 albums and toured with for 20 years, until recently replacing it with a modern copy.

    Crucianelli is mainly an accordeon factory, which explains the pearloid and more-buttons-is-better aesthetics. The company stopped in 1971, although part of the guitar catalog was continued by Eko for another decade.

  3. Have one of these guitars... Almost identical ... Are they worth much ?



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