Monday, 17 December 2012

Vintage & Rare Guitar of the Week: 1963 Framus Strato Deluxe sunburst
We've looked at various Framus Strato and Strato Deluxe guitars before here on Guitarz but I do think this model bears looking at again. This 1963 Framus Strato Deluxe sports three pickups - note how they are all mounted straight with none at rakish angles as often seen on these guitars - and a bewildering array of knobs and switches. As someone who gets confused by a Les Paul's layout of volume and tone controls for each pickup and who would prefer a single volume control, a pickup selector and nothing else, I wouldn't relish trying to remember my favourite tone combinations on this Framus but I have to admit it does look rather cool. As do the metal cover plates, with one huge plate acting as a vibrato cover plate and control plate.

It's also worth looking around the back and at the neck heel. That's quite a peculiar looking bolt-on neck arrangement. I'd imagine it's a bolt-on tenon joint system. Yes, there does appear to be a huge gap between body and neck but as long as the tenon itself is seated firmly into the body it shouldn't cause any playing/performance difficulties.

Currently being offered for sale by Wutzdog Guitars of Germany via Vintage & Rare priced at €490.

G L Wilson

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  1. These Framus Jazzmaster body style guitars look so cool but I rarely if ever see them here in California so I have no idea how they play and sound. Anyone out there care to enlighten me?

  2. Great guitar, love the giant plates and 100s of control knobs!

    Just found this odd little thing on eBay, I certainly haven't seen anything like it in the past, although I suspect my guitar knowledge is not so wide as yours:

  3. It looks like the back has painted-on grain to look like maple.

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  5. Hi! I've got the same guitar. Looking for replacement sliding switches. Do you know where i can find them?
    Thanks !

  6. I've a red Strato waiting for a neck binding repair. You may be able to open up the switches and remove the oxide off of the contacts, and add some contact cleaner/lube.

  7. Try google Framus vintage parts. or H.P. WILFER @ WARWICK.



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