Sunday, 25 October 2009

Kirk Hammet plays Teuffel's Birdfish and Tesla

A few days ago, I mentioned again Teuffel's Birdfish - one of my favorite guitars - in the comments about the Epiphone Triumph II post, and that gave me the idea of having a look at their website. I had then the surprise to see in their artists section these new pictures (I don't know how new, I didn't go there for ages!) of Kirk Hammet playing two models of the small but sharp German company.

These people at Teuffel made an obviously good communication move, though I doubt that the average metalhead will appreciate the avant-gardist technology and look of these brilliant guitars (no offense to metalheads, they are just as conservative as other rock musicians, even if their shredding god is able to acknowledge the genius behind Teuffel's products).

I do love the Birdfish (left picture), with the undeniably revolutionary concept that led to its birth, but I love even better the Tesla (right picture) that looks less precious, and particularly the 8-string / 29-fret 'super-size' model that I think is a one-off, but has better proportions (well, since I'm a big guy, big guitars suit me better).

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