Thursday, 15 October 2009

Final Edition BabyBlues 1x10 Unique Plexiglass Cabinet

I rarely post about amps on this blog (visually they are much less appealing than guitars), but I had to share this particular eBay listing for this Final Edition BabyBlues 1x10 Unique Plexiglass Cabinet with you.

It looks like it would be the perfect companion for my Sanox Sound Creator plexiglass "Strat" (scroll down to the 5th guitar pictured). Apparently, "it is loaded with a rare early 60's British Elac alnico 10 inch speaker and for tubes has one of each of these tubes, a 6L6, a12ax7 and a 5u4." (Sorry, I don't really understand this tube talk, as much as I love the sound of valve amps).

I am also reminded of this photo of 2-string bassist Stig Pedersen from D.A.D. with a bank of plexiglass speaker cabs behind him. Very cool!

G L Wilson

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