Sunday, 4 October 2009

Soviet guitar with secret compartments
Just by looking at it you can tell that this SOLO-2 is a Soviet-era Russian-made guitar.

I'm posting this picture really because I've not seen switches quite like these on a guitar before.

The pickups look very similar to those found on the "Flight Of The Conchords" Kavkaz bass.

Apparently it was made in the mid 80s by Belarusian Musical Instruments Factory in Borisov city and has fuzz and phaser built-in effects (currently not working on this example).
The battery for the built-in effects is located beneath the neck plate.

Additionally there is an integral screwdriver beneath the rear strap button which screws out.

I'm remimnded of one of Fender's Strat models (the Strat Plus? or was it the Elite?) which had a hex key on the end of its tremolo arm.

G L Wilson

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  1. in Soviet Russia driver screws YOU !!!

  2. Any idea where I can get ahold of this bad boy? I'd really like to get one.


  3. Awesome. I think I want one. So weird and beautiful.



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