Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ibanez Iceman in natural finish

Ibanez Iceman

A couple of months ago I stated in a post about I don't remember what guitar, that any guitar with an eccentric design should be given the opportunity to exist in natural finish to be appreciated for its line only and not some fancy finish what would much likely spoil it.

Well have a look at that beautiful 2003 Ibanez Iceman IC200, one of the best design of Japanese guitars, on the top on my GAS list of dream guitars... It's mostly known in tasteful black or white (and also, contrarily to what I just said before, with a very cool H.R. Giger biomechanical custom paint) and it's the first time I see it in natural brown finish, and it really works!

Just for this guitar (and a couple of semi-hollows), Ibanez stays a great brand, even after two decades of JEMs.

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