Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gretsch Astro Jet

gretsch astro jet
OK, this is not a new topic here, but what if Gibson never reissued the Explorer or the Flying V after their selling failures in the late 50s? The universe would be bleaker, and cosmic entropy would win sooner, since human creativity is the only anti-entropic force (as far as we know)...

So why did Gretsch gave up the Astro-Jet so quickly when it didn't become an instant hit in 1965? The guitar was anyway supposed to be controversial, since it was a clear effort to take distance with the old-school rock'n'roll hollow-bodies that made Gretsch famous - distance at least with the design, since the sound was to keep Gretsch standards! So why not assuming the slow start and give it time?

Simple like a classic, though twisted according to American aesthetics of the time (in Italy this guitar would have been just another one), it could have been one of the few designs that defines this part of modernity embodied by rock music and electric guitars.

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