Monday, 26 October 2009

Hoyer Fantastik

hoyer fantastik

A last stunning German guitar from the Schlaggitarren website - then I let you explore this site by yourself. But you probably never saw such an incredible guitar, one that is not just meant to look bizarre, but obviously an experimentation on sound.

So this is the Hoyer Fantastik, a guitar that really owns its name and appears in Hoyer's early 60s catalogue (picture above) though only six of them were ever built. Its body is made of six wooden tubes with their own sound holes - hence its nickname the 'organ guitar'. Due to its rarity and originality, it's considered the ultimate collector vintage German guitar.

If you click on the link up there you will find also an article in English about the brit guitarist Carl Goldie (right picture) who has been playing a Hoyer Fantastik his whole career (with an anecdote with Goldie refusing to sell the guitar to George Harrison in 1962 when sharing the stage with the Beatles). You will also find something about this guitar on Jazzgitarren (in English).


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