Monday, 19 October 2009

Wolfgang Hüttl Beat 67

Wolfgang Hüttl Beat 67
I spent some more time on, the site that I mentioned on the Shadow violin guitar post, and like Jazzgitarren it's opening a unexplored dimension of electric guitars history. Even though it is unfortunately exclusively in German, you can learn so much there, and see incredible guitars such as this Wolfgang Hüttl Beat 67.

I thought so far that the creative pick of German guitar making was in the 50s (I mean West-Germany, you know that I'm a fan of later East-German guitars), but the late 60s Beat 67 is a very flower power anti-glam semi-hollow body guitar, and its sound hole matches its floral pattern in a quite elegant and original way! To accessorize with a long white cotton dress, a wooden pearls necklace and a straw hat, bare feet recommended (German were the best hippies).

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