Monday, 12 October 2009

Unknown bass - any ideas?
This bass is one that I assembled from parts in 1990 (if I remember correctly). Most of the parts were bought from Brandoni guitars who bought up a lot of old Eko and Vox stock from Italy.

It's a through neck body with multi-laminates as was popular in the 1980s. When I bought the body/neck it was very roughly finished, and hadn't even been routed for the electrics. I sanded it until it was nice and smooth and oil finished it using Ronseal's All In One.

The P and J pickups were selected via a push/pull function on the single volume knob. Unfortunately, this set up didn't let me have the option of both pickups at once. There was no tone control because I don't like them.

I don't recall what the tuners where, but they were good quality and only cost me 50p each because I knew the guy who served me in the music shop!

Anyway, does anyone know what this bass is? I have seen other examples on occasion, but these have looked to have been custom finished instruments too (also bought from Brandoni, perhaps?).

I think it is most likely that it is an Eko, but does anyone know for sure? I'd like to see what the proper finished version of the bass looked like.

By the way, I no longer have this bass. I sold it a few years ago on eBay because I wanted to switch back to playing fretless again.

G L Wilson

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