Guitarz 2012 Calendars are now available...

The calendars are A3-sized (420 x 300mm), beautifully printed on 170gsm silk coated paper, and feature brand new exclusive photos of 13 weird and wonderful guitars and basses as submitted by Guitarz readers, including our very own Bertram's "Doppelcaster" twin-neck Tele on the front cover.

The Guitarz 2012 Calendar would look great on the wall of your office, den or rehearsal space, and would also make an excellent present. After all, we all know someone into guitars, don't we? In case you hadn't noticed, and I hate to be the one to point it out, but Christmas is rapidly creeping up on us already, so why not get those Christmas presents in early?

£8 per calendar PLUS post and packing. So that makes it £11 for the UK, £12.50 for Europe (that's around €14), and £15.59 for the USA and the Rest of the World (approx USD$25 ... sorry guys, but postage costs nearly as much as the calendar itself)!

Prices quoted include postage and packing for each country.

Please email if you have any special requests, e.g. quotation for multiple copies.

Please select location to send calendar:


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