Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Please be on the lookout for some stolen Flying V guitars, ripped off from a guy called Roger Bleck. Here are the details in his own words:
Due to a theft that happened last week, it doesn't look like I'll be recording for a while.... My recorder & 6 of my guitars were stolen.... People get what they deserve, I'm counting on that.... I try to be a good person, so I believe that in the long run, good things will happen to me.... People thet set out to do evil, well, I hope they get what's coming to them....
I know it's a long shot, but if anyone hears of the following items out there, let me know, they're mine...

- #229 Medallion Gibson Flying V, cream-colored
- ESP Gibson-style block marker Flying V, white
- 1975 LE oval-serial# Gibson Flying V, natural finish
- 1989 '67 re-issue Flying V, w/ a custom neck (no serial#), white
- 2001 Faded Red Gibson Flying V, w/ crescent-moon inlays
- 1970's Ibanez Flying V, bolt-on neck, cherry finish
- Fostex VF80EX-8 multitrack recorder
If you do see some suspect guitars for sale and want to compare them, check out the pics on Roger's MySpace page. Please feel free to copy this post. Thanks, and keep 'em peeled!

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