Sunday, 17 May 2009

semi-hollow Musima/Migma bass

My host here at Guitarz stated several times how much he appreciates semi-hollow body bass, and so do I. And even better if it's some East-european vintage beauty like this incredibly elegant Musima/Migma bass from the sixties (from he same eBay shop than on my previous post).

Couldn't find any information about it on Cheesy Guitars, the reference site for communist era electric guitars. I can just precise that Musima was the main guitar company in DDR - and one of the best in East-europe - and Migma being a sub-brand that used many similar parts, it's difficult to identify the precise brand on early instruments. It's still always good to have a check on Cheesy Guitars though.

Usually I don't like the idea that a specific design is supposed to fit to a musical style (remember that Gibson's Flying V and Explorer where designed in the 50s and then used by bluesmen like Albert King), but I can't help imagining what music should be made on this bass. I propose No Wave (don't remember No Wave?), I can see it in the hands of some elegant experimental jazz punk player with a raw sound in a smoky underground club in New York in 1980...

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