Thursday, 13 February 2014

GrassRoots GR-PGG 3TS electric travel guitar
Hey guys,

I live in Japan and I kept seeing this strange travel guitar. It's called a GR-PPG and you can see it here or even buy it from here (I have nothing to do with this site, just saw it in English). It's supposedly made by Grassroots which is ESP's cheapo line for the Asian market, but this one doesn't even have a name on it nor is it on their website, which is why it took me a while to find it. I thought it was as stripped down as you could get while still being somewhat Strat-like.

Just thought you guys might enjoy it.

Thanks Keith. From the front it looks like a Strat with an invisible body. It's funny, but you can almost "see" the body shape that isn't there - it's just what you are expecting, I guess. Weird one. I wonder if John Mayall approves.

G L Wilson

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  1. Bizarre! Like something out of a bad dream!

  2. Anonymous11:03 pm

    "It's funny, but you can almost "see" the body shape that isn't there - it's just what you are expecting, I guess." You're not kidding! Every time I look at the first two photos, my brain just tells me it's a white Strat with a black pickguard. It's like an optical illusion or something.

  3. Wrong. Just wrong.

  4. I don't know who had the idea of that one but, if the parts are of good quality, it's pure genius§ Even the strap buttons are well thought so you can play without a too heavy neck like many "travel guitars". I think I'm gonna check their website and maybe oreder one of those. I definetely let you know about it...

  5. id like one just for the weirdo factor

  6. Just draw the guitar body on your shirt.

  7. I think it's brilliant. A weight reliefer for us WHO has had backa.

  8. I love this simple idea. :)

  9. Love it or hate it...these GrassRoots GR-PGG travel guitars are uber-cool IMHO !!!



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