Friday, 6 May 2016

Viral video of the new SENSUS Smart Guitar

Could this change guitar forever? What do we all think?

G L Wilson

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  1. We think it sounds very 1980s.

  2. Well...That video really tells us nothing...Is it a guitar, or is it a synth controller, or a combination of both? Can you just plug it into an amplifier, or do you need more outboard equipment? And most important, how much is it going to cost?

  3. I think it's very cool! Would love to try one out.

  4. I've seen/heard most of these effects done on a conventional guitar/amp setup using the skill of the player. Doing it "by hand" is much more engaging and impressive.

    I compare this to the difference between the original Star Wars special effects and CGI-created effects. CGI is visually impressive but I don't have the same respect for that process as I do for the original model builders or stop action artists.

    Where is the skill in pushing buttons or touching slide plates?

  5. Most of these new guitar concepts I can generally pass on but if this works as a standalone guitar and as well as it's made out to then Gimme One! I can see Matt Bellamy playing one In fact the styling is reminiscent of the "Mattocaster"

  6. I want to buy one to add to the herd....who do I talk to about the
    Axe??? Please someone tell THANKS.

  7. Guitar player are notorius gadget junkies. We'll buy almost anything that gives us a sonic edge or makes it easier to play. Look at Peter Frampton and the Talkbox. It was a novelty until he hit with "Show Me The Way". Then there was the FrampTone and everybody wanted one. Get this into the hands of a recognized name with established skills and this will sell like the Rockman or the Thalia capo.

  8. Awesome video! Very well put together.



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