Sunday, 13 November 2016

The BEANO official merchandise Dennie The Menace Guitar from John Hornby Skewes
Ah, seeing this Dennis The Menace official licensed BEANO guitar takes me right back to my junior school years, where I spent many happy hours reading comics, of which The Beano was my favourite. This BEANO guitar has been issued by John Hornby Skewes, they of UK budget brands Encore and Vintage. The headstock is the same shape as used on Vintage branded Les Paul style guitars. Very cool indeed. I've seen it priced as high as £180 but this example I found on eBay is a very reaonable £115 including free postage within the UK.

For confused Stateside readers, I'd better quickly explain that the UK and USA both have their own completely separate cartoon characters called Dennis The Menace. Coincidentally both cartoon characters made their comic debuts in the year 1951.

G L Wilson

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  2. I'd buy one if it was inspired by VIZ!



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