Saturday, 19 January 2008

Spiritual Enlightenment from Fernandes

Fernandes Porong guitar
According to the eBay listing for this one-off Fernandes with custom artwork:
"Porong" is a mountainous region in Tibet where the monks use their musical instruments to reach and maintain spiritual enlightenment. With that in mind look closely at guitars graphic: The little man (monk?) on the body of the guitar is wearing a backpack and hiking boots, his hand pointing upwards. On the headstock you see what he is pointing to: The mountainous region of "Porong"! Look closely at the hat he is wearing: the word "Porong" is written on the brim of his hat suggesting that his spiritual journey is always on his mind! So what we have here is an instrument that reflects ones "spiritual journey" towards enlightenment via music! Now that my friends is some serious MOJO!

1 comment:

  1. How cool that my guitar got blogged about. I own this one of a kind fine piece of artistry, it looks and sounds amazing (pics don't do it justice). I wouldn't trade it for the world! :-)



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