Thursday, 16 July 2009

Some more scary "harp guitars" on eBay

Harp guitar banjo - wouldn't the 5th string tuner on the banjo neck get in the way when playing the guitar neck?

The 18-string Thing - with 10-string nylon-strung neck, and inexplicably 8 additional steel treble strings on the body. The cutaway hardly looks very useful either.

The 15-string Electric Upright Harp Bass - I reckon they are making these things up as they go along. I don't think those treble strings would be very reachable when playing the bass in an upright position. I'm a little suspicious also of inlays in fretless fingerboards, which need to be as smooth as possible with no potential ridges or edges that the strings might catch on.


  1. Do you happen to remember how much the Banjo/Guitar/Harp went for? I have found this guitar in a junk shop near me and i'm very very tempted to buy it. Do you have any information on it at all?

  2. I'm afraid I don't have a record of the price. This blog post is from before I started to keep note of the prices of guitars we feature on the blog.



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