Thursday, 5 January 2012

Antoniotsai's Dinosaur 5-string bass with shockingly bad oil painted top
Here at Guitarz we've looked - and laughed - at Vietnamese maker Antoniotsai's guitars before (see here, here and here), and whilst this Dinosaur 5-string bass is quite tame compared to some of their other creations, it's still pretty dreadful. Not only is the dinosaur oil painting rather inexpertly realised (and let's face it, if you've absolutely got to have a Tyrannosaurus Rex on your guitar, then you'd want it as BIG and BOLD as possible, and not merely a head creeping into the bottom left-hand corner of the picture) but also look closely at the woodwork which appears irregular and wonky, as if very crudely cut out by hand.

One very strange feature is the position of the control knobs and output jack, slap bang in the middle of the body behind the bridge. One might argue that this would make the bass more readily adaptable for left-handed players, which I would understand if it didn't have Precision-esque offset body horns.

Currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $0.99.

G L Wilson

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  1. In the interest of balance, I'd like to say that there are some rather good Antoniotsai instruments out there - I have five (three five-strings, one six-string, and one seven-string), and one of the five-strings is my most-used fretted bass. It's not quite as, um, stylistically extreme as the featured ones though - see



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