Sunday, 29 January 2012

Walking cane tenor guitar/mandola - for those who like music on the move, now here's an instrument you can take hiking
Now this is clever. I'll let the seller/maker describe it:
A truly unique instrument, functions as a cane and a Tenor Guitar or 4 string Mandola at the same time. Tuned C-G-D-A, 19 inch scale, so it is a little long for a mandola, and on the short end of a tenor guitar scale, but in the cane design it is very ergonomic. The cane crook acts like a armrest, and it is very comfortable to play. Very light yet strong enough for support, the sound is not as full as a full-bodied instrument yet very sweet and clear. This is a fully acoustic Tenor Guitar, not a solid stick. It has a Spruce soundboard, Mahogany headstock lamination, Rosewood back and crook laminations. The body is hollow. The crook-cane handle is cross laminated for directional grain strength.
The seller also makes walking cane mandolins, ukuleles and dulcimers.

G L Wilson

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