Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Swanee Singer - Guaranteed not to split!
Our friend Eric Geevers writes:
I'm fixing this guitar for someone, but I can buy it at a fairly low price. Bit of a twist in the neck, but we'll see what happens. 'Germany', and it's said that it's pre-WWII. I can believe that! What do we say?
Does anyone have any more info on this guitar for Eric (and for the others of us who are also curious)?

G L Wilson

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  1. Gallotone? Produced in South Africa in the 50's & 60's. John Lennon's first guitar was a Gallotone. They had "guaranteed not to split" on their labels.

  2. There was one- identical to this guitar for sale on ebay recently and it was made in Mannheim by Feldmann- 1920s or 1930s- so it is German- and the one on ebay was sold from Germany. These words should get you to the listing- it's a Wandergitarre- or Wander Guitar- German romantics1

    "Parlor Parlour steel string guitar old germany blues guitar Wandergitarre"

    I actually own a very similar guitar- slightly smaller and thirty years ago one of Britain's top guitar makers re-fretted it for me- I really was wasting his time but he did it and charged me a few pennies- he was good like that!
    I think if the guitar was sold in Germany the maker's name was in it but in Britain- I think the importers kept the country of manufacture a secret for obvious reasons. I imagine it does not split because it is probably made of plywood!



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