Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Layer Guitars Acrylic bodied bass guitar

I have a passion for guitars that push the boundaries. That go against the grain and generally just do stuff differently. I own a few plastic guitars, a Maccaferri G40, an Aria Legend like this and this actual Dan Armstrong Plexi. Plus others in Fibre Glass, Aluminium and hardboard (masonite) So when I stumbled across this bass by Layer Guitars today, I knew it was something I had to share.

We've all seen radical designs which have come and gone and I doubt that this will have any longevity (not due to any design flaws but rather to players conservative attitudes) but it is undeniably interesting and bound to turn heads and maybe in a few years time it'll be back on Ebay as a crazy quirky design of it's time. 

There are a lot of things about it's design that I like, I have to say. 
...firstly the layered acrylic which looks great and addresses the weight issue so often aimed at acrylic guitars.
Secondly, the pickup arrangement which looks like it was designed for versatility.
then the hex screws holding it all together. Why don't more modern guitars use such mechanics? Pity they couldn't find a hex solution for the neck screws.
Finally, the strap connectors. Different and secure for those Youtube throwing the guitar round your neck stunts that so often end in disaster.

Here's what the seller (and, maker) has to say...

I doubt many of you will have seen something like this and will probably be scared away. But even if you are a little intrigued, keep reading!

Layer Guitars are new on the scene and we have been developing custom acrylic bodied guitars and one bass so far. You'll be able to see our work over on Facebook.

We have a rather crude demo video that I can send upon request. The footage is filmed on a digital camera but at least if gives you an idea of the sound this thing can generate. We've had 5 local bass players have a go and they were pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked on the sound quality. It packs a punch all right.

Here's the spec on it.
Layered acrylic body, tinted black, back layer
Maple neck, rosewood fretboard.
Open gear machine heads.
Wilkinson bridge.
Two hot rail style pickups custom nade from catwhiskers and one p bass split pickup from a Fender Aerodyne
5 way selector
Two cts 250k pots
Orange drop cap.
You won't find another like this!
Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!"

From David in a still celebratory Barcelona 

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