Sunday, 10 April 2016

Tokai Hummingbird 1960s classic from Japan
I know, I know, I know...

It's been FAR TOO LONG.  Time to get our arses into gear.  Thanks to Rich who kept the ship afloat for a long while in my absence.

I've got lots of things I want to tell you guys about.  New guitars and basses of my own, plus a couple of projects I've been working on.

Meanwhile I just want to bask in the gloriousness of this piece of 1960s Japanalia (is that even a word?) that is the Tokai Hummingbird. Yes, we've seen them before on this blog, but they look good enough to warrant another post.

This baby has a built-in distortion effect too... I'm guessing that's the battery access on the side of the guitar near the output jack.

But it ain't a cheapie. An eBay Buy It Now price of US $1,550.00 for this example illustrates just how popular these old Japanese guitars have become in recent years and how yesteryears oddities are now so supremely collectable.

G L Wilson

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  1. Classy - that's a Work of Art

  2. I have this guitar 1969/70 i love it and yes thats a battery compartment for the built in distortion..its a beauty and a beast..plays reqlly sweet and smooth the tremelo system is great incredibly smooth...with the "Roller Rocker bridge" ive had it since mid 80's still plays awesome...Great Guitar...👍👍👍



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