Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gretsch TK-300 solid body guitar

Gretsch TK-300Gretsch TK-300Gretsch TK-300
Now, I know that Gretsch always have offered solid body guitars but the very name usually conjures up images of large-bodied semi-acoustics equipped with Bigsbys and having names like Country Gentleman or White Falcon.

The above rather meekly-named Gretsch TK-300 which sold on eBay recently is one solid body Gretsch I've not seen before and design-wise is quite unlike what you would expect from that company. I have to say, I really like it! I like the odd angles of the pickups and scratchplate. The headstock is pretty wacky looking too! My guess is that it was probably a "student" instrument. It's probably quite a rarity too, but seeing as it sold for $725 it obviously doesn't command the big bucks that the more famous Gretsch guitars do.

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  1. I have one...and a TK300 bass...yeah I know, the bass is short scale but it sounds great, the guitar is a bit , I dunno, brash...but with all that rock maple it sings, I'm not big on short scale guitars( though I do have a 64 Country Gent) but it's cool for dirty slide stuff.



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