Thursday, 28 October 2010

Duesenberg chrome custom by Zinc

This gleaming artifact is - according to its eBay seller - a Duesenberg-based custom work by French luthier Zinc (about which I couldn't find any information by the way).

It has for sure the characteristic humbucker/P90 configuration of hollow-body Duesenbergs, also the Duesenberg knobs and switch (plus one extra that might be a killswitch), but the body doesn't really fit to any Duesenberg model I can identify: the F-hole is too wide, the cutaway too pointy and the body too round to be a Starplayer - the closest model to it... Also the neck is for sure no Duesenberg, but a strat copy (carrying a Zinc logo) - so it could be that only the gear made it to this custom - then the body is a mystery... Love the chrome finish though!


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  1. Well, its not a Deusenburg but it is fact .... a Zinc !!!!!!!!!Not to give you too much info after reading this....put some work in yourself and the lights will blaze all around your digital world !!!
    Zinc Guitars are a produce of France....
    Founders : Francois Calais & Jean Louis Begnis....
    can be found on myspace with plenty of gallery evidence , also youtube the band 'Cadillac' , therre is more than nough to settle this little 'mystery' !
    I will say , i have been a guitar researcher for many years , sometimes its a challenge but the truth is our there !!!!!
    Just to add when you see the varied guitars on video and they are out there , they all have Duesenburg hardware , pickups and cases , work the rest out yourself , they had a deal only for using certain products , this guitar is a 'ZINC'!

  2. Just too add , check out the band 'Cadillac' on youtube , if you like rock&roll kinda stuff , the route 66 cover they do is really good plus you get to see yet another 'Zinc'in action in the capable hands of Francois Calais .... enjoy !!!!



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