Sunday, 30 November 2014

Teisco 1968 Crescendo - White - Made in Japan

We've posted many Teardrop shaped guitars over the years and they are among my favourite designs and this Teisco Crescendo is no exception. With two Teisco pickups and a hollow body, I'm sure it has a distinctive tone. I like the look of the tremolo and the little nick out of the scratchplate. Very stylish.
The seller has this to say...
This a Teisco Crescendo 'Teardrop' style guitar dating back to 1968, made in Japan. The guitar is in very good condition, given its age, with a few knocks and scratches the note. The main mark to note is a long hairline crack in the lacquer along the edge of the body. This is not structural and we have taken photographs of the crack. There is also some minor lacquer cracking near the neck socket; again, see pictures. Overall the guitar is in tidy condition and is a great collector's piece, as these are very difficult to come by.

David in Barcelona

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  1. This is one beautiful guitar right here. I love the white with brown panels. I want to learn how to play the guitar so I have an excuse to buy a nice guitar like this.



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