Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Burns Custom Elite Series Sonic Deluxe. NAMM prototype. Perhaps the only one of its kind.


This Burns Sonic Deluxe may be the only one to have come with three tri-sonic pickups, and it has a serial number 0001. Another first? The only one?

All in all this is a great take on the tele design, has the Rez-O-Tube bridge, and though I'd normally loathe a 3 + 3 headstock on a tele design this one gets a pass since its equipped with a Burns scroll headstock. Very sweet.

R.W. Haller

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1 comment:

  1. it is not the only one. I have serial #0000 in black, 3 pickups - all the same details. yes, they will most likely not make this guitar. It is a beauty, plays like a dream and has those great burns (brian may) pickups. Also my wiring design with the pp pot.

    I do not need this very special guitar and will trade for a fairly common new or used Epiphone 50th Anniversary Sorrento with the mini hums, in Olive Sunburst (so ugly it is cool) or natural.

    I also have, not for sale or trade, the Apache proto serial #000 - this is a fantastic guitar. It may become my main strat.

    I have these guitars from a very reputable person, they were displayed the the NAMM show and do have a lot of very nice details that will not appear in production models.

    Dan Torres, Torres Engineering
    I wrote "INSIDE TUBE AMPS" one of the more popular books on vacuum tube guitar amps.



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