Friday, 3 July 2015

Egan 7 string fanned fret acoustic guitar

I feel this will be a very polarizing post. You will either love this Egan 7-String acoustic or you will hate it. I really want to love it, and even though it's an incredible work by a very talented luthier I find myself on the side of hate.

It's just too much. There is a lot going on here with multiple wood choices, pinstriping, binding, and I've never been a fan of back and side woods not matching.

Check out the video at the link to hear the builder play this odd duck. It honestly sounds quite nice. Yet, it's clearly not for me.

Am I alone here?

R.W. Haller

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  1. Anonymous4:30 pm

    I think it's a cool idea but I'm a little old school with mixing back and side woods. Plus with a big knot in the sides make's me wonder why when you"re asking $4200 for a guitar. I love the negative neck angle especially if for floating fingerboards. Over all I think it's a cool design but not for me.

  2. The guitar originally had four courses of strings, three double, the top course single, that ran from a violin-like pegbox to a tension bridge glued to the soundboard, or belly; the bridge thus sustained the direct pull of the strings.

    Guitar Music

  3. This design gets my vote... I am on the love it side. I too have an appreciation for classic guitars. In addition I admire those that are working with both technology and design, creating what may become the next classic guitar. Think about our parents (or grandparents) view of rock and roll. The same could be said for blues and jazz.... All started with classic.

  4. It has lovely mids but a terribly gutted bass. At first glance I thought it was gorgeous but after looking at it a while I realized its proportions were all off, and the mishmash of woods just gets to be jarring.

    It's clearly intended to be a masterpiece but it's just off the mark to be one.

    The workmanship is top notch, no question, but it's just too busy and doesn't live up to the promise of it's presentation.

    And Joe needs to get rid of that ridiculous beard; it's not doing him any favors.



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