Saturday, 3 October 2015

Taylor GT8 Baritone 8 String acoustic guitar.

I'm not necessarily a fan of Taylor guitars. I've played a lot of them and they are actually quite playable, I've just never played one that sang to me in anyway and they really aren't offering anything unique. At least I thought they weren't.
It seems I was wrong.

This now discontinued Taylor GT8 is a baritone guitar and the middle 2 strings ( A and D ) are double coursed with an octave string. The result is rather piano-esque (or rather pianistical?) sound and I can see a lot of applications here for an acoustic performer. I'm a little surprised that it's no longer made. Perhaps the $3500 list price was too much for most.

You can get this one for $2500 Canadian.

Check out a demo here.

R.W. Haller

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  1. This guitar was the inspiration behind my own (non-baritone) acoustic 8-string mod:



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