Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Awesome Vintage 1960s Goya Rangemaster with funky original case.

I'm not sure i could describe this 1960 Goya Rangmaster with near the enthusiasm of it's seller:

"Wow, FAB, Groovy, Cool, What a Gas, Baby . . .
Dig THIS, Daddy-O~! Far-OUT, Man.
Freaky Flower Child, Pop Art, Jazzy & Right On.
This Gorgeous Vintage '60's Axe WILL Bring YOU
Right back to the Hip Psychedelic '60's . . .
Sock It To Me, this Bad Ass Git is Outta Sight~!
Crazy multiple switching pickups selectors & tone controls.
Artsy faux wood pickguard, neato neck dot inlays, PRIMO~!
This beauty plays as good as her awesome Italian looks.
Great, semi-chunky neck, wonderful frets, smooth action.
Several minor battle scars as expected of a 50 plus year old instrument.
Original Italian Art Goya Case, everything operational (missing trem arm).
This is one fabulous piece of music art history and plays like a mo-fo...
Dig it, man, this jive axe can be YOURS right now. Freaky… "

Freaky, man. Freaky indeed.

Currently listed for $850.

R.W. Haller

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