Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Piglet guitar build project, part 5

The above photo shows the piglet guitar body with the access panels cut into the rear side. The small round hole will be for the guitar's electrics, just a single volume pot in this instance, and which also allows access to the output jack on the side of the body. The larger rectangular hole will be for access to the LEDs and battery pack, as this little piggy is going to have illuminated eyes!

Gluing and clamping down small blocks of wood where screw holes for the rear covers would otherwise be penetrating only a single layer of plywood. I wanted something a little more substantial for the screw threads to get a grip upon.

A day later and the guitar's top is glued into position. To make sure it was aligned correctly, I mounted the neck into the neck pocket (a snug fit with no bolts needed at this stage), having first wrapped clingfilm around the base of the neck to protect it from glue. Then after clamping all around the body (why do there never seem to be enough clamps?), I removed the neck.

After a few hours I removed the clamps, so I could remove the piece of scrap backing and ensure it wasn't going to be permanently glued to the guitar body seeing as glue had been dripping down onto it. Having cleared away excess glue, I re-clamped the body and will leave it for another day.

G L Wilson

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