Friday, 27 April 2018

The Piglet guitar build project, part 6

At last it's beginning to look like a guitar boody. Here's the Piglet unclamped after the top has been glued on. I ended up giving it 48 hours in the end, so plenty of time to set and harden and form a tight bond. Because we had cut out the top separately from the rest there was some variance in the outline between the top and the rest of the guitar body, although of only around 1mm.

So, it was out with the wood filler and try to even up the little gaps and differences between the top and the timber of the guitar body.

I also made sure to get wood filler into those tricky angles which with the jigsaw coming from two different directions and where there was an obvious saw line right in the corner.

And of course, lots of sanding to be done. I also decided to round over the top edges so as to give a softer outline

There's still lots more sanding to be done before we can think about applying the finish. But it's coming along very nicely.

Looking good.

G L Wilson

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