Wednesday, 17 December 2008

1959 Gibson EB0 Bass

1959 Gibson EB0 BassThis 1959 Gibson EB-0 Vintage Bass Guitar is interesting, as I've not seen one with this body shape before. The body styling is Les Paul doublecut, as found on certain Les Paul Juniors. More usually Gibson EB series basses shared the SG guitar body shape.

The first Gibson bass was violin-shaped (giving rise to the Hofner "copy" Violin Bass whose popularity eclipsed that of the Gibson original due to it being Paul McCartney's instrument of choice), and others I have seen include semi-acoustic 335-style basses.

I'm not a Gibson expert, so perhaps others who are more knowledgable in this area will think that this bass is nothing too special. Does anyone know how rare it is? Anyone seen one before? Just curious.

It's a nice looking bass, and I can imagine the booming tone you'd get from that huge neck-mounted pickup. To my eyes, at least, it's a more attractive body-shape than the SG style. I can't say I like the banjo-style tuners though.

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  1. I have seen a few for sale.They are quite rare. It's name is the EBO Les Paul Junior Bass. They were made in 1959/60. They came in natural and cherry and all had the banjo style tuners. All the ones I've seen have the plastic pick up cover,large scratchplate (which looks like it's hiding something)and weird control placements. It has been re-released in a limited run with twin pick ups but the same body shape and is called the Gibson EB11 or simply the 'Les Paul Junior DC bass'. Available in Pelham blue with a Nitrocellulose paint job. The original is so much nicer looking.



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