Thursday, 4 December 2008

Burns Scorpion Bass

Burns Scorpion BassI remember when Burns Guitars launched their Scorpion guitar back in 1980. It was at the same time when they also launched the Western-looking Steer guitar.

I hadn't previosuly realised they made a Scorpion Bass too. Looks neat. Is that a short-scale, I wonder?

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  1. Standard scale, and seriously heavy - imagine 2 Les Pauls welded together, but with far too much weight at the thin end. These days, I only play mine sitting down.

    Great sounding things though. Sadly the most active sounding passive bass I know of.

    I assume they are quite rare. This is the only proof I've ever seen of them apart from my one. Google brings up loads of the reissues, but these are the only pics I've found of an original.



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