Saturday, 25 September 2010

TrueTone vintage guitar ... any more info?
James from Krazy Cat Music in San Antonio, TX, has been in touch again with another interesting vintage guitar to show us. He writes:
We've been getting a lot of cool old cheesy guitars lately; this one's a bit harder to find info on. TrueTones are Kay and Harmony guitars with different headstocks, and were sold at Western Auto in the 60s. This one's got two pickups, two volumes and two tones, 3 way toggle. Still has the original cheesy wooden bridge on it. 3-bolt neck. This sucker's got killer vintage tone. Not sure of the model on this one, if anybody knows drop us a line.
If anyone knows anything more about this guitar, please share with us the comments below and we'll pass any on info onto James. Thanks!

G L Wilson

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  1. I have no info but I came across an identical guitar by way of craigslist. I'd love to know the model, year, value on it.
    Also, when I got it, it didn't work, so I opened it up and replaced the capacitors and the toggle switch, what was interesting is the way it was wired (presumably from the factory). Two humbuckers, but the treble was only half activated. One side was grounded, I thought that was really strange. I rewired it and did it standard but I'm wondering why it was done that way....

  2. This is a guitar that was sold for Western Auto hardware store when I was 15 years old I cbought one of these it came with a book a 45 record a guitar pick a vinyl strap a vinyl carrying case and a 5-watt trutone tube amplifier all of that in 1967 cost $103. I played the guitar in a little band and it was a tank you simply could not kill the guitar I also had a Fender Mustang that eventually blew up but this guitar was one that you just couldn't kill. Perfect guitar for someone just starting out, I'm amazed to see how much they are selling for today.



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