Monday, 20 September 2010

Uknown Japanese vintage guitar
Does anyone have any idea what this guitar might be? It has "Japan" stamped on the neckplate but no other clue to its identity, and is almost certainly from the 1960s. The seller suggests Guyatone, Sekova, Kimberly, or Teisco, but is just throwing names out there.

Still, it's a fine looker for the lover of cheesy guitars with its chrome pickguard and four pickups. The seller claims it is a good player too (well, you would in an auction) and is not just one to hang on the wall.

G L Wilson

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  1. it is most likely a Hy-Lo

  2. looks like my early 60 model, but the solo rhythm switch that is beside the 3 rocker sw. and its red with a silver p.g but everything is identical but mine has white tuners. hope that helps

  3. I will concur that its most likely a Hy-Lo, I have a similar model with the three pickup's r.switches except my white tuners

  4. it's TEISCO.pentagon yibrart unit is Teisco.

  5. Kawai Kingston it's missing the Kingston metal logo on the head stock good luck I'd love to have it



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