Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get your kicks ... with the Route 66 guitar
An eBay seller (curiously, in the UK) has put this self-built Route 66 guitar up for grabs. The body is of sapele laminates, and has a Fender-style neck bolted on. Pickups are single coil-sized humbuckers, "Iron Gear Jailhouse Rails" by Axetec.

Yes, and I imagine you could play that song on it too!

G L Wilson

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  1. I know the guy who has a patent on any instrument shaped like the route 66 shield . He works with the route 66 billboard association to help promote tourism on route 66. He donates the profit on sales to that organization I feel like this guitar is in violation check out and There is a Loretta Lynn signature series route 66 guitar she is also involved in the project.



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