Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ozark Galloping Horse acoustic
Ozark Guitars produce a fine range of budget to medium-priced acoustic and resonator guitars and other folk instruments such as banjos, mandolins, mandolas and bouzoukis. It's nice to see that they have been having fun with some of their designs, such as the above pictured acoustic with a "galloping horse" soundhole design picked out in inlaid mother of pearl and abalone. Other soundhole designs have included a dolphin, an eagle, and a butterfly. It seems the horse and dolphin designs are now discontinued. I'm not quite sure what relevance the pineapple on the headstock has.

G L Wilson

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  1. would you ever consider selling this? my friend had one here stateside that broke and I am DESPERATELY trying to find a replacement. Its been years now tho because it is such a rare guitar. if you would, please please please comment back.

    1. I also have the same guitar! And its a beautiful thing

  2. I also have the same guitar! Its beautiful



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